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Learn and go deeper in Qigong in a pleasant way. Experience the feeling of Qi and learn fast to feel the Qi life energy with Lucy Ratzel Qigong.

Lucy Ratzel Qigong
  • More calmness

    Slow movements with breathing calm our mind

  • More relaxation

    Body and mind relax through meditation in motion

  • Qigong for everyone

    Young or old, agile or not – Qigong can be practiced by everyone

Choose a course or seminar and start your Qigong exercises!

Qigong Online Courses

Adelheid F. about
Qigong Online

“Thank you very much for the nice online courses and especially for the fact that the courses are still available on weekends. I’m already looking forward to Monday!

Arno F. about Qigong Online

“I think your offer in the current situation is very good for many Qigong enthusiasts.”

Susanna P. about Qigong Online

“Many thanks to you too! The diligent practice certainly has something to do with you and your wonderful nature! Your voice is soft and clear, calming and meditative. You embody calmness and infinite patience. It’s just nice to follow, listen and practice with. And to delve deeper and deeper into the heart of the exercises.

Qigong Seminars – currently in German

Qigong Courses in Germany

The next courses in Germany start on 02.15.21

Lucy Ratzel
Qigong and Chan Mi Gong course instructor. Certified according to the criteria of the DDQT e.V. –umbrella organization Qigong/Taiji. Learned from Master Xiao Yan Liu, Grand Master Hong Thay Lee and Dr. Zuzana Sebkova-Thaller.
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                      Lucy Ratzel.
Qigong & Chan Mi Gong.

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Lucy Ratzel Qigong