Qigong in Zagori

The soul can be nourished
by turning to nature
and enjoying its beauty.
Wolf-Dieter Storl

Qigong in Zagori

Recently inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List!

Seminar dates 2024

29.6. – 6.7.24
(german speaking)

13.7. – 20.7.24
(german speaking)

20.7. – 27.7.24
(english speaking)

14.9. – 21.9.24
(german speaking)

The seminar venue

Zagori, Greece

The North Pindos National Park in the Northwest of Greece
is famous for its VIKOS Canyon.
The deepest in the world, for its width to depth ratio,
according to the Guinness Book of Records!

On Tue, 19.9.23 Zagori was inscribed
as a
We congratulate for this additional protection
of culture, nature and animals

in this beautiful corner of the world.

Impressive rock formations, rich ecology,
water springs and deep green-blue rivers,
the almost untouched nature is breathtakingly beautiful!
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Our natural training platforms

The Hotel

We stay in a traditional, family-run hotel in Aristi.

The renowned hotel restaurant
is widely known for its delicious local cuisine.
Air conditioning available.

  • Qigong in Zagori
  • Qigong in Zagori
  • Qigong in Zagori

Package prices

1 person, with weekly single room occupancy


2 persons with weekly double room occupancy



until 31.1.24

1 person, with weekly single room occupancy


2 persons with weekly double room occupancy


Package description

Included services

•  7 nights/breakfast
       1 person: single room with bathroom
       2 persons: twin room with bathroom

•  4 Qigong day seminars including sightseeing

•  transfer from/to Igoumenitsa Port

•  all seminar excursions

•  Seminar leader for tips and questions 7 days on site

•  free Wifi

•  air conditioning

•  on request TN-certificate for Qigong seminar

•  1 month free PREMIUM online membership


Transfer from/to Preveza airport possible.
If you rent your own car, the transfer fee will be deducted from the package price.
Day trips and hikes can be booked additionally

Meals and flight are not included.
Please book the flight yourself or via:
AS-Reisen: https://www.as-reisen.com

The Seminar

Four days of seminar teaching

Our concept
We practice Qigong in the midst of pristine nature on natural practice platforms and show you the attractions and insider tips in the national park.

In the morning
we practice Qigong in silence.

After breakfast
we drive to our different natural exercises platforms in the shade of old plane trees or oak, by the river, in the mountains or in the vicinity of old monasteries.
Here you will also learn background knowledge that is rarely taught in Qigong courses,
but which is so important for gaining access to the ancient knowledge of healing and transformation.

We will visit various places of power, connect with their energy and return to the facility in the afternoon, filled with inner beauty.

08:00 – 8:45 am:
Qigong exercises

09:00 – 10:30:
Breakfast together

10:30 – 16:00:
Qigong & Chan Mi Gong in the shade of plane trees.
Excursions to the places of power and sightseeing

Two days off

You will also have two free days on which you can wander around
or take part in the day trips we organize.
There are many beautiful natural landscapes and sights nearby, which we will be happy to show you.

The POWERFUL EXERCISES that this seminar offers you:

Seminarinhalt Dantian Chan Mi

Dantian Exercises

An ancient Daoist series of exercises to bring us into balance and calm the mind.
There are 9 exercises that are easy to learn and can be memorized,
so that we can practice them at home.

Seminarinhalt Dantian Chan Mi

Chan Mi Gong

It is also called ” Spinal Qigong “.
In a deep state of relaxation we undulate, oscillate and rotate the spine,
so that it can then, in free movement, unwind.

The Five Organs

Strengthening and harmonizing for the yin organs
lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen/pancreas.
This has an equally beneficial impact on the sensory organs.
The exercises have an emotionally balancing effect
and promote our positive qualities.

Kleiner Energiekreislauf

Meditation Qigong

The “Small Heavenly Circuit” or “Small Energy Circuit” is a guided meditation in which we activate and strengthen the primary and secondary energy centers of the body.


Meditation Chan Mi

The guided meditations from Chan Mi Gong incorporate mudras and mantras.
Mudras are defined hand postures that guide the flow of energy and give joy,
Mantras are sacred sounds, “seed syllables” that are toned and create fundamental sounds.


Background knowledge

We also look at the deeper meaning of Qigong and how we can integrate it into our lives.

  • 3 Dantians (Tan Tiens)
  • Phases of Transformation
  • Meridians
  • Yin & Yang

Seminar content

  • Qigong Exercise Series “The Dantian Exercises”
  • Chan Mi Gong “4 Basic Exercises”
  • Tapping exercises
  • Acupressure
  • Short massage
  • Guided meditations
  • Taoist perspective
  • The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Sat: Arrival

Sun: Seminar day

Mon: Morning Qigong, seminar day

Tue: Morning Qigong, free day

Wed: Morning Qigong, seminar day

Thu: free day

Fri: Morning Qigong, seminar day

Sat: Departure


Power and Connectedness

There are not many places left where you can still feel the Qi sources so intensely.
And the more we deepen our exercises here, the more we come back to our original power, feel strong and grounded, regain confidence in the flow of life, with everything that belongs to it.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to this place of magnificent natural beauty, and to introduce you to the ancient knowledge of Qigong!

Lucy Ratzel
Qigong Kursleiterin, zertifiziert nach den Kriterien des DDQT e.V. - Dachverband Qigong/Taiji. Gelernt bei Meisterin Xiao Yan Liu, Großmeister Hong Thay Lee und Dr. Zuzana Sebkova-Thaller.

Travel planning

To help you make the most of your Zagori Qigong holiday,
we have gathered valuable information here below.
This makes it easier to plan your trip.
If you still have questions, you can always contact us by phone or email.


IOANNINA International Airport
  Aktion International Airport
KORFU Corfu International Airport 

The small Ioannina airport is close to the location of the seminar (44 km).
You can possibly fly in here via Athens.

Preveza airport is also located in the Region of Epirus, near the island of Lefkas.
For the two-week seminar in combination with Lefkas, this airport is the best choice.
The distance from Zagori is 157 km.

It is also possible to go via Corfu. Sometimes there are cheaper flight offers.
You should plan the beautiful ferry ride from Corfu to Igoumenitsa (about 1.5 hours) and then a 127 km route.

Link ferry connections Corfu (Kerkyra) – Igoumenitsa

Ferry instead of flight

Arrival daily
The ferry port of Ancona can be reached by train.


Arrival on Thursdays and Sundays


When booking your flight, please ensure that the arrival and departure times are adhered to:

Arrival day: Please arrive by 4 p.m.*.
Departure day: Please do not depart before 10am*.

Costs may increase for different arrival and departure days or times.

Or would you prefer to have your own rental car?

Then the cost of the seminar is reduced and you are more flexible, especially on the days off
for your own planned activities.


Free time activities

There are also numerous other interesting activities and amusements,
which are possible either as a group activity or on your own.

♥  Hike through the world famous Vikos Canyon, either crossing through or in partial.

♥  Experience Photography Tours to the most beautiful spots with local photographer COSTAS ZISSIS

♥  Swim in the Papingo Pools

♥  Treat yourself to wellness: Bowen Technique (Bowtech) or massages at the Aristi Resort

♥ Visit a traditional hotel with a sheep farm. The owner will be happy to explain a lot about the

    production of dairy products and the processing of wool on looms.

♥  Visit museums or the exhibition at the Rizareios School of Traditional Handicrafts.

♥  Visit churches, monasteries and old bridges

♥  Visit the impressive 14800 m² Perama Cave near Ioannina

Sightseeing, photography or hiking tours and wellness sessions can be booked on site.
They are not included in the seminar price.

Everything you need to know about Zagori:

Serenity & calmness through Qigong!

Qigong Urlaubs-Reise Kreta
  • Strengthens all body systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive and endocrine)

  • strengthens the immune response

  • relaxes the body

  • relieves stress

  • calms the mind

  • improves balance (physical and emotional)

  • lowers blood pressure

  • alleviates depression

  • relieves chronic fatigue

  • harmonizes body, mind and soul