Well Being Weekend 2021

Well Being Weekend 2021

2021: Fr, 18.6. – Mo, 21.6.21

Qigong & Hiking – a Well Being Weekend in Zagori
(English speaking)

”Practicing Qigong creates inner peace,
a healthy and energized body and a calm mind,
able to deal with daily stress and illness.”
Chinese folk wisdom saying

Qigong is a combination of slow movements, conscious breathing
and a pleasant presence in the body.

In this two-days seminar we practice Qigong exercises that are easy to learn
and integrate into everyday life.

It is a special combination of qigong movement sequences,
stimulation of important acupressure points and a self facial massage.

In a small theory part we focus on the fire element and thus the heart.
We strengthen and harmonize our heart for more enjoyment of life and balance.

The land beyond invites you to a four-day Well Being Weekend to celebrate together
the World Day of Gastronomy (18/6), Yoga and Music (21/6).
Leaving behind the city to travel to the northern and mountainous villages of Epirus
for a relaxing weekend with gastronomic surprises and an introduction to the special art of Qigong.
The program will include tours of the picturesque bridges and walking tours in Vitsa
and the surrounding villages.

Cost: 200 €
The activity includes accommodation for 3 nights, 5 meals (including the gastronomic meal on Sunday night)
and participation in the Qigong seminar.


Detailed information at: Well Being Weekend

Provisional program


Arrivals, welcome


8.00 Meditation
10.00 Hiking Missios Bridge
12.30 Lunch Cinnamon & Clove
Break time
18.00-19.00 Qigong with Lucy
21.00 food in Monodendri


10.00-12.00 Qigong with Lucy
12.00 food in Tsepelovo, walking in Beloi (view of Vikos)
19.00 – Gastronomic Ceremony