Qigong workshops & seminars

Qigong Kreta

Relaxation and joie de vivre – Qigong on the beach and up in the mountains.

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Qigong workshops

can give you a deep insight into Qigong. What it means to increase and guide the life force Qi within yourself.
In the workshops you will learn simple Qigong exercises that you can immediately integrate into your everyday life.
Exercises that relax your body and calm your mind.

Qigong seminars

are ideal for a real experience of the effects of Qigong.
There is enough time for repetition and deepening, on the other hand
the exercises can work really well, because the participant
is not drawn back into everyday life after exercising.

There is also more time available for going deeper into the background
of this ancient system, for maintaining one’s health
and zest for life.

During these holiday seminars in Greece we also hike and eat together.
This group living builds a warm atmosphere and a nice exchange among
participants and creates always an enjoyable and unforgettable time!